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If you want to find crystals wholesales, Crystals Wholesale USA is the right platform for you. We are trusted crystals manufacturer and we have supplied to more than 300 wholesalers in US.

As our business has expanded, we've taken steps to improve our services and lower our prices. By opening our own warehouse in the US, we can now offer our customers even lower prices without compromising on quality, and with fast shipping.

All products on this website are in the US warehouse, so you may buy directly,both crystalswarehouse.com (US local warehouse) and crystalswholesaleusa.com (located in China) are owned by the same company, and their products are guaranteed to meet the same high standards.

Your support is crucial in helping us maintain our competitive prices and continue to offer wide range of products!

UPS are our official carrier of choice. Delivery takes about 5 days.

Shipping to USA only and FREE Shipping on orders over 10kg(22lbs)!