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Our Cost-Cutting Measures

At our wholesale crystal business, we understand that our clients face tough competition, which is why we have implemented cost-cutting measures that allow us to offer our products at lower prices without compromising on quality.

You can now purchase crystals on our website at prices that are close to cost, which are competitive with those on Alibaba and other retail websites like Etsy and eBay.

Here are a few of the cost-cutting measures we've implemented to keep our prices competitive:

1. To add a product to our US warehouse, we produce it in large quantities, which helps us reduce material and time costs.

  • By buying materials in bulk, we can lower the cost-per-unit and pass those savings on to you.
  • Assembly line production is the most efficient way to handle large quantities, as it eliminates tedious setup times for each machine. Just as you wouldn't spend 12 hours prepping the oven to make 3 cookies, we don't either. By utilizing assembly line manufacturing, we can increase productivity and cut expenses.

(This measure has reduced our costs by 10%.)

2.To reduce shipping costs, we ship large quantities of products by sea to our US warehouse.

  • Sea freight is more cost-effective for heavier items, while lighter items (less than 0.1kg) are better suited for air shipping.
  • Lighter items (such as rings, bracelets, and little crystals) shipped to the warehouse by sea will be more expensive, so customers should purchase these items directly from our main website (https://crystalswholesaleusa.com/).
  • Items listed in the warehouse or on the way are available for purchase on our website. However, items on the way only can be purchased after they arrive at the warehouse.
  • If a product is not listed in the warehouse or coming soon, it may take up to two months to restock, so customers should purchase it directly from our main website.

(This measure has reduced our costs by 5%.)

3. We sell only to trusted clients who have made multiple purchases on our main website and have a positive reputation.

  • This helps us avoid scammers and reduce the risk of losing money. As a result, we only allow our trusted customers to purchase from our warehouse, which allows us to offer our products at a very low profit margin and provide better benefits to our customers. We always prioritize our customers' needs and satisfaction.

(This measure reduced our costs by 5%)

4.Great shipping partnership.

  • Our large shipment volume and collaboration with UPS allows us to ship from US warehouses and receive up to 65% discount on shipping rates compared to standard rates. This partnership has helped us reduce our costs and pass the savings on to our customers.

(This measure reduced our costs by 5%)

By implementing these cost-cutting strategies, we are able to offer the same products at prices 30-50% lower than our competitors.